Because I Have Traveled

To be able to leave home and to travel, to see places far from home, for me, is a gift. Recently, I left my home in California, gathered up my Mom in Florida, and together we set off on a 10 day adventure in Venice, Florence and Rome.


Like everything one encounters in a life, travel can be a doorway which will lead to a unique kind of growth, if you allow it to transform you.


It is a place where all of you shows up, amplified, (including the good, the bad and the ugly) and as I return to my regular life this week, the things that I carry with me are life lessons I have learned because I travel.


Sunset in Rome from Valerie Tookes on Vimeo.

Because I have traveled I:

  • can more easily let go of the “plan” and simply surrender to the moment.
  • know what it means to be not be perfect.
  • respect each of us as an individual in this global community.
  • know the power of a smile. It can open a heart, a door, a world.
  • understand the value of being able to say please, thank you and I am sorry.
  • believe in the goodness of others and have faith that the world is a friendly place.
  • trust in my ability to figure it out.
  • know that I don’t know it all, and
  • am willing to be humbled by that fact in order to learn and experience new things.