Hello Beauty


In my last post, I wrote about self-esteem and self-love, asking which do you choose to put your focus on. While I don’t believe that they are mutually exclusive, you have to begin somewhere so begin with examining the relationship with your body because it is the first relationship that you have.

Granted, there are entire billion dollar a year industries devoted to pointing out the perceived flaws of being human and we often unconsciously measure ourselves against the unattainable perfection that is presented in magazines, on TV and in the movies. Yet before that, before you picked up that you were somehow less than beautiful, you were a baby that came into this world with wide eyed amazement. As a baby, you were fascinated as you discovered the parts of your body, you were mesmerized by your toes, you pulled yourself upon your feet, your legs wobbling as you got a sense of what they were and what they could do. You explored the world with your hands, your fingers touching different objects.  You probably even sought to understand your world by putting everything into your mouth, by trying to literally ingest the new things that you came across.

The days past, life crept in and you began to realize that your body wasn’t like other bodies. Maybe the adults around you criticized more than they celebrated their own bodies. Maybe the women that you saw on TV did not look like you. Maybe someone made a thoughtless remark about your body but somewhere along the way, a crack of insecurity became a divide of self loathing creating distance and tension between you and your body and your body became the enemy rather than the ally that it always wanted to be.

Perhaps that is where you find yourself today. Decades away from the connection with the body you were born into, a stranger in a strange land, not knowing the language anymore, not knowing how to bridge the gap. What do you?

As with the beginning of any relationship you begin by saying hello.

What does hello look like?

Hello can take may forms but the goal in this reintroduction is to embody your physical being, to begin to rediscover what it is that your body likes and doesn’t like using your five senses.

A hello can be:

  • the sound of your favorite music playing as you sway from side to side or shake your tailfeathers.
  • through touch, reaching out to hold a hand, to hug a dear one, to kiss someone you adore or maybe taking your daily shower with your full attention feeling the tingle of your skin as you use a body brush.
  • wearing various aromatherapy scents that your body responds to.
  • through sight as you adore yourself in the mirror wearing your favorite clothes and shoes that have you feeling just like “you.”
  • though the taste of a mindfully eaten and enjoyed meal.

Whatever your hello looks like doesn’t really matter and it is completely up to you and your body. What matters is that you back toward yourself, you look into the mirror and with an open heart you look at the beauty that has always been there.