It Matters


“It matters whether you see yourself as someone who is capable of effecting change or whether you see yourself as someone whose voice does not count. It matters whether you treat yourself with reverence or with carelessness. Every bit of work you do on yourself matters. Every time you choose love, it matters.” ~Geneen Roth

Self love… loving, adoring all the while seeing oneself… it all matters.

I am in awe when I witness, first hand, my friends loving themselves, treating themselves with reverence and respect, basking in their own adoration. A woman in love with herself is a truly powerful thing to behold. As I work to create my health coaching practice, I am stepping into the idea more and more that my work is about bringing to the surface that vibrant light of self love that burns within each woman I meet. It still surprises me to see the level of self-loathing and personal disrespect that women can heap upon themselves. As I step into my vision and version of self-love, I can get so frustrated when someone takes on the “victim” or “poor me” frame of mind. It feels like such a waste of energy because we are so powerful,

we can create our world when we open our hearts to our own genuine, imperfect self.

Lately, I have noticed that just the simple act of asking myself if I am hungry before I eat is absolutely everything. Sometimes, honestly, I eat anyway regardless of the answer but even taking the beat to ask acknowledges my preference, my body, my self in a new, loving way.

I may eat anyway, I may overeat, I may even binge but it is at the very least my choice.

I’m not harming anyone else but myself but I am also not healing anyone else but myself. I take all of the credit and all of the blame for my life. It is dawning on me that I am becoming one of those women I admire so, a woman, truly, madly and deeply in love with herself.