Just Who Does She Think She Is…


This post is inspired by my lovely and courageous friend Kate (who took the photo above the day we met) and by way of introduction…

i am: standing on the brink of possibility

i think: i can do it all only to find out that i can’t (and often don’t really want to)

i know: i have gifts to give to the world

i want: to love and be loved deeply

i have: an enormous, opening heart

i dislike: when i curse at stupid drivers

i miss: my best friend

i fear: dreaming big

i feel: fear and excitement, often in equal measure

i hear: silence deeply

i smell: crisp, cool morning air

i crave: snuggling into waiting arms

i usually: have my nose in a book

i search: for deep, meaningful connection

i wonder: if i am giving enough, opening enough, sharing enough of myself with others

i regret: allowing myself to be treated less than i deserve

i love: my black keen boots

i care: more than i would like to admit

i am always: on time

i worry: that i am too much

i remember: lazy summer days feeding the ducks with my dad

i have: enough

i dance: to express my hidden side

i sing: to learn to be completely present

i don’t always: stay

i argue: when i feel i am unheard

i write: to clear my mind and begin again

i lose: myself more often than i would like to admit

i wish: i knew what happens next

i listen: before i speak

i don’t understand: people who don’t see each other

i can usually be found: in the cozy cottage

i am scared: to be open and vulnerable

i need: quiet time to fill my well

i forget: how deeply loved i truly am

i am happy: that most of my days are truly amazing

Now I invite you to share just who do you think you are.