What Happens When One Day Arrives…


“Any leap requires faith. Faith is trusting that your desires, after having crossed that bridge, will be what you want and need when you are there. The thing is, you can’t fully know this until you’re there. Hence: faith. ” ~Randi Buckley

Recently, I had a birthday. It wasn’t a big milestone birthday but it was a particularly good one none the less. More than any other time of year, a birthday always put me in a reflective state of mind, thinking about the year past and what I hope for in the year ahead.

This year, I was asked where I saw myself on August 29, 2013 and I honestly did not have a real answer. There are certainly things I want to have happen in the next year. Already on my calendar there is a 10 day mother/daughter trip to Italy in November, soon followed by 2 week yoga retreat trip to India in February. Of course I wish for the continued building of my health coaching practice, more writing, more laughing, more loving, and the deepening of connections that are so incredibly sweet, tender and new right now. There is lots to want in the next year but my life is good, it is full and I am grateful for everything and everyone in it. That is not to say that it is perfect, because it isn’t, but as I look forward to my year ahead, the question that keeps coming up is what happens when you get to happily ever after.

My passion in life is to work with my clients to help them reach their goals. The goals vary but overall I would say that most of my clients (and perhaps most of the world) want to be content and happy in their lives. I recently wrote a post was about how I used to find happily and healthily ever after to be a mystery and about how our bodies holds the key to getting “there.”

Yet what happens when you get there? What happens when you look around your life and see that there is nothing to be fixed? What happens when you look around you life and can see that it is simply good?

As odd as it may sound, we often drag our feet toward our wants, needs and desires because, like most unknowns, the idea of “one day” arriving can be scary.

One day, when I lose the weight I will…

One day, when I make enough money I can…

One day, when I meet the right person my life will be…

We set up these hurdles that we are constantly jumping over before we feel like our real life can begin, yet I am here to tell you that your real life has already begun. What you are doing (or not doing) is your life. What you are saying (or not saying) to yourself and others is your life. Your “one day” is today and while today may not be perfect, you get to take it on faith that it is just as it should be.

Faith is my life word, it is a word tattooed upon my skin and it is the word that brings me back to this real, one day life. The quote above says that any leap requires faith.

I believe that life requires faith.

It is an act of faith to step into your body, just as she is and love her well today.

It is an act of faith to open your heart to others, to risk being vulnerable and silly and you.

And it is an act of faith to say that while you don’t know where or what you will be doing one year from now, you know that it will be good, simply because it will be yours.