“My wish for you is that you get back all of the encouragement, intelligence, gentleness and joy that you impart to others. You are an excellent coach and I’m grateful that were born and that you are here helping others…helping me.” ~CMD

“Valerie D. Tookes is an outstanding health counselor and communicator. She was my counselor for 9 months and I enjoyed and learned something about food and nutrition during every session. I always looked forward to the counseling sessions  because Valerie was always prepared to present the subject matter clearly so it could be easily understood.

Throughout the sessions I was able to select topics I was interested in learning about. I learned to set goals and worked on those things it took to accomplish those goals.

After the counseling session I was able to measure my accomplishments. My energy level is real good. I feel good daily and sleep good nightly. I am happy in recommending Valerie D. Tookes as a health counselor to any that ask. I am confident that they will experience the same satisfaction in service that I have.” ~CT

“Valerie is a creative, spirited and heart-based guide.  She has vision, gentleness and strength.  Our conversations have been like a lighthouse for me on my journey and I have been amazed by the distances I was able to travel with Valerie supporting me to keep on keeping on.  Checking in with Valerie every two weeks was an inspiring way to make significant positive change in my life.  Thank you, Valerie!” ~JL

My time with Valerie was priceless. What really impressed me is the way she got to know me and tailored our sessions to my needs and preferences. It was very evident that she took a lot of time outside of our sessions to find “goodies” for me to enjoy. Everything had a personal touch, from the yummy healthy recipes to the sweet care package I received. It was her encouragement that allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and begin to live a healthier lifestyle. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Valerie!!! ~LB

I would like to sincerely thank you the time that we did get to spend together through these sessions.  You have cracked me open Valerie.  In a way that I never knew was possible.  There are no words of gratitude can express how grateful I am for that.  I am so lucky to have met you on the Oregon coast.  So incredibly lucky. ~JB

I admire you more all the time.  You are so clear with your truths, so full of love and pure kindness.  You are amazing clear through. ~MB

I wanted to thank you for the session yesterday. You were my body’s advocate, and both she and I appreciate that. And, you did it in such a nice way, and my brain and ego appreciated that! ~SK