Sometimes You Gotta Lean, Sometimes You Gotta Leap

Me Leaping

One of my greatest influences in the field of health and wellness is the New York Times best-selling author, Kathy Freston, whose focus is on healthy living and conscious eating. What I love about her work is that she advocates leaning into change. In her books talks a lot about leaning in the direction of the change you want to make and suggests that when you pause and look around you find yourself having made changes that seemed to happen without much effort.

Even when that expanse between where we are and where we want to be feels huge, I wholeheartedly believe there is so much value in consciously leaning in that direction and I know, from personal experience, that a lot of change will happen as we stretch more and more incrementally.

I deeply believe that sometimes you just gotta lean. Yet recently, a new thought has emerged in my mind…sometimes you just gotta leap.

As is the case in life, focus shifts. We turn our attention and find ourselves leaning in a different direction. For me, the creep began with more dinners out, more indulging in desserts. My focus had shifted and I felt festive, celebratory and I was enjoying the moments of my life yet, when I paused and looked around, 15 months had passed and I wasn’t feeling physically my best. I was (and am) happy to find myself in a solid relationship with an amazing guy and while I was leaning in the direction of creating a wonderful, stable relationship, the turn in my attention had allowed some old patterns to creep back.

I had fallen back into relying on feeding myself on the run with restaurant or packaged food (albeit the healthiest I could find) and with making the same few recipes over and over. While both options fed me, they weren’t nourishing me. When I picked up on the wisdom of my body and what she was trying to communicate, my mind searched for what to do and how to get back. I thought of the idea of the lean but what I knew was that I wasn’t that far off track, I could easily buy fresh ingredients and cook more at home again. But to tell the truth, that wasn’t terribly interesting or motivating to me. I had leaned far enough and for long enough to make lasting change and so a simple lean wasn’t going to be enough.

What was being called for, what would really interest and motivate me was something a bit bigger – my life was calling for a leap.

When a lean doesn’t feel quite enough, a leap can be a way to jumpstart your energy, to shake up the status quo and get you back on the path toward your best life with the added excitement of a beginners mind.

So what was my leap?

I signed up for a 12 week cooking class at a local cooking school called Kitchen on Fire, so for the next three months I will be diving into a basic level cooking class and instead of relying on the recipes, I will be learning to go beyond them to explore the techniques and foundations underneath. Believe me, this is huge for me. I have always dreamed of being one of those intuitive and creative home cooks who can throw together an amazing meal with random ingredients and a well stocked pantry. I don’t know how my leap will change things but I invite you to stay tuned as I share with you snippets and inspirations from my adventure of easing away from being “chained to the recipe” toward being an intuitive cook that is nourishing herself body, mind and soul.